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For Artists

How does this work, exactly?

You send us a link to your scheduled livestream, along with some promotional assets. We promote your virtual concert, online lessons, master class, or anything music related. If you want to be listed under our Discover New Music page, just let us know and we will list you there with links to your website and social media pages. 

What the fee for listings?

 You pay nothing for your listings.

Can I list virtual events that people have to pay to attend?

Yes. That’s exactly the point of the website. To promote your events so that you can make money from livestreamed performances, lessons or master classes, since your live performance schedule has been curtailed. There is no requirement, however, that you charge. We do not take any percentage of your ticket fees.  To submit a listing, click here.

So you can help me livestream my shows?

‘Fraid not. The technology side is up to you. We promote what you’re doing. If you need help, there are many companies that can help you livestream.

Why are you doing this?

As a nonprofit music presenter, SVMF’s mission to bring music to the Shenandoah Valley with its summer concert series as well as provide educational and enriching musical experiences. This website will help SVMF to fulfill that mission by “virtually” guiding music lovers to great online performances, music lessons and other music educational opportunities. There is so much going on online and so much clutter that we want to make it easier for the public at large to find your work, whether it be a streamed performance, online music lessons, or an educational experience.

How are you paying for this?

Right now, out of our own pockets. There is a “Donate” button on the page if you or your friends or audience members want to help defray the cost.

What other kind of exposure can I get on your site?

If you teach online music lessons, we have a page dedicated to those listings as well. Use the same submission form to provide us with a link and the pertinent details for us to post on this site. We also have a webpage of musician profiles. You can indicate your interest in listing your profile on the submission form and we will touch base with you to get a photo and additional information.